Queen with Adam Lambert

27 August 2014, Sydney SuperDome, Australia

I vowed I would never see Queen without Freddie, having been lucky to see them in Sydney in 1976 and 1985. But I had a feeling the teaming with Adam Lambert might be special. It was overwhelmingly special. This was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever seen.

Brian May and Roger Taylor are legends in their own right and even without John Deacon on bass, whom I also missed, this was nothing other than a Queen show. Adam Lambert is gobsmackingly brilliant and his reverence for Freddie throughout was unwavering. The spirit of Freddie was everywhere, but this show reminded us that as much as he was one of the greatest showmen, singers and songwriters that ever lived, Queen was not just about Freddie.

An incredible night, brilliant staging and sound, so much to be dazzled by, so the little Sony Cybershot got a good work-out!

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