Heart at the Bowl

21 August 2015, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

With nothing much left to prove or achieve in their careers, Ann and Nancy Wilson stepped onto the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for the first time ever with their current version of Heart and with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra behind them, broke into their deeply soulful rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and it all built from there. These girls are the rock goddesses of my era, and I decided last night that I want “Dreamboat Annie” playing in my ear when I take my last breaths on this earth. Let me remind you, Ann is 65, Nancy is 61, and there is a deeper reverence and love for these women and their music around the world now than ever. WIth an orchestra behind them I would have liked “Mistral Wind” and “Angels” and definitely “How Deep It Goes”. But they can sing the phone book if they want, I will still turn up. While “Magic Man” was curiously absent, when Ann sang “Alone”, nothing else mattered. I’m so lucky I was in the room when they were being inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in the audience when they first performed at the Hollywood Bowl, and I’m so grateful to them for creating some of the most seminal music of my life. Always in my heart.

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