Timothy B Schmit

8 January 2017, Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA

When I heard an early preview of some of Timothy B Schmit’s new album, Leap Of Faith, last year, I immediately said out loud, “This is Timothy’s time.” I meant it in a couple of ways. Musically, he’d reached a new level of buoyancy as a solo songwriter and performer; and also with the tragic ending of the Eagles, an insatiable need from Eagles followers and fans for connection with and music from the three remaining members, and a general interest from the media in the aftermath of that tragic ending meant – I believed – that Timothy’s solo work and subsequent touring would be more noticed than ever before.

Given that he’s a humble, cautious and mellow kind of guy, Timothy’s chosen to go out and play in small club venues rather than the bigger halls I believe he could fill right now. So the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, which holds maybe 1200 or so people, was at standing room capacity on Sunday night. And a sold out club means a lot of love, which hopefully is what TBS was feeling as he ran through his repertoire of songs from Leap Of Faith, his previous solo record Expando, and the expected and loved hits from his Poco and Eagles years.

A definite highlight was the acoustic almost a Capella rendition of Poco’s “Keep On Tryin’” with his smooth, sassy backing singers, and along with his three signature Eagles songs – “I Can’t Tell You Why”, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” and “I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore” – those were the biggest crowd pleasers. His solo work on its own, upbeat and heartfelt, in itself makes for an enjoyable night of music, and he likes to blend in with his fine band – which includes Hank Linderman, who is Timothy’s co-producer, guitarist and musical right-hand man, and the multi-instrumentalist John McFee of the Doobie Brothers – and hang back enough to share the limelight with his great players and singers.

Timothy’s voice soars stronger on his own material than it ever could within the confines of his role in the Eagles, and he has such an affable, relaxed and playful presence on stage, it’s just a lot of fun. This was the third time I’ve seen him play in eight months – the first being at the Santa Monica Mountains Fundraiser last May, the second being the family-and-friends rehearsal gig in September. It’s been a great journey for him through an otherwise sad year, and his tribute to Glenn Frey halfway through the show, noting that it was just 10 days until the first anniversary of his passing – a wistful “Peaceful Easy Feeling” from Woodstock to Roach for all of us to savour – was as lovely as could be.

I took a lot more photos than I needed to and this is just a fraction of them; the camera loves Timothy’s expressive face and wiry mane and it’s nice to be able to freely snap away at an Eagles member’s show!

More info about Timothy’s solo work is here: www.timothybschmit.com

One thought on “Timothy B Schmit

  1. Loved your article. I saw Timothy in Nashville back in September in a smaller venue. All the seats were great. It was an amazing show!! I really loved it!! I love all of your pictures too!! They are great!!


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